SELECTED WORK: The Helix Park Lighting, Falkirk

These monumental 12-16 metre tall masts are custom-made from elegantly shaped engineered-timber beams and carry highly sophisticated wireless-controlled floodlights and colour-change lighting which can be set up for any type of occasion.

With lighitng company, Lightfolio, we designed a series of feature light masts to define and enhance the  new outdoor performance area of 'Central Park', as well as the 'Lagoon' area of The Helix eco-park development at Falkirk.

Using a blend of traditional materials with contemporary construction techniques, the columns beautifully settle into their landscape and subtly echo nautical and natural forms. Surrounding the masts’ foundations are stone-filled gabion baskets that create informal seating areas for gathering around.

Bigg Design + Lightfolio developed the entire structures from concept sketches all the way through technical, structural and lighting design to the construction and delivery phase. The resultant masts which carry a variety of flood luminaires and decorative lighting effects are designed to complement and enhance the versatile events space and lagoon at Helix Park. These spaces can be used for concerts, sports events, regattas, parties, and gatherings of any type so the lighting has to respond accordingly.

The masts are all linked to specialised lighting controls that allow the client to call up around 40 different effects and lighting scenes to complement event themes and also allows for a trained operator to take control of the masts and create scenes in real time to suit concerts etc.


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